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Duncan White

WHITE,  Duncan - Newsletter image, Autumn 2012

It is difficult to classify Duncan White’s constructions. He says, ‘I like to think of my work as three-dimensional cartoons. I hope my pieces are amusing on one level, but quite serious at another. Many are comments on the way nature can best get back at some members of the human race for what they do to her – other pieces are just daft however.’ He is an enthusiastic collector of antique ceramics and other collectable artefacts and his own creations appear at first glance to suggest tiny but valuable archaeological finds of the kind that may be found locked away in a museum’s display case. Although his constructions are witty and amusing there are serious undertones, frequently these relate to the destruction of our natural landscape. He cites the precedent of Russian constructivist ceramics decorated with celebratory depictions of factories. Amongst his new work for this show will be a series of wooden boxes featuring paintings on glass panels of some unexpected scenes including tight rope walkers negotiating an electric cable and a dancing cloud on the wing of a plane. His ceramic owls reflect his interest in antique slipware.

Duncan White was born in 1959. In 1984 after working as a stores assistant in a Royal Navy aircraft yard in Wiltshire, he took a Foundation Course at Swindon College of Art and Design. He went to North Staffordshire Polytechnic where he took a multi-disciplinary course specialising in ceramics. In 1987 he moved to South Glamorgan Institute of Art and Design where he was taught by Alan Barret-Danes and Mick Casson and gained an M.A. In 1988 he moved to Shropshire working at Culmington Pottery. The following year he set up his studio workshop making items such as architectural features on a commission basis. With the help of the Enterprise Allowance Scheme he also made exhibition pieces. He makes intriguing models in many media, ceramic, plaster of Paris, cast lead. He also spends his time at the potter’s wheel in his garden shed making ceramic miniatures which are part of our regular display at Isaac Smart’s. He is currently working on a huge ongoing project modelling a mid-nineteenth century Cornish tin mine.




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