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Jason Braham


Jason Braham’s pottery is salt-glazed and takes inspiration from European country pottery as well as from the potters of the Leach tradition.  His kiln is fired on a mixture of oil and wood.

He graduated in sculpture from Birmingham College of Art and Design in 1971 then began making pots in 1972, following his appointment to teach pottery alongside sculpture at Wellington College, Berkshire.  During the ten years he was at Wellington, he developed an enthusiasm for ‘live-flame’ firings and built three wood and oil fired kilns there.  Appointed Director of Art at Harrow School in 1983, he established, at the same time, a pottery in Herefordshire.  Though pottery making was limited to the school holidays, he was able to develop a range of salt-glazed domestic ware which was sold from the pottery, in local galleries and in group and one man exhibitions.

In 2003 Jason and Julienne Braham bought a farmhouse in Radnorshire and started work on a new studio and kiln.  In August 2007 he took early retirement from teaching to concentrate on the pottery.


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