Isaac Smart's

Come and enjoy our gallery which supports over forty talented designer makers. Open Tuesday – Saturday 11.00 am – 4.00 pm.

Owen Thorpe

THORPE, Owen 2013 - 1

Owen Thorpe has been making his elegant pots for many years and those decorated with pithy aphorisms scripted in gold have proved particularly collectable.  The highly decorated pieces use a technique similar to majolica but at stoneware temperatures.  Coloured glazes are applied to a base tin glaze in broad, rapid strokes contrasting with tiny linear patterns.  He trained as a painter at Harrow Art School and in 1961 undertook teacher training at Southampton University.  He is a self-taught potter having started a workshop in London in 1969.  He was elected a full member of the Craftsman Potters Association in 1975.  He moved his pottery to Shropshire in 1975 and over the border to Churchstoke in 1980.  He has exhibited in Craftsman Potters Association exhibitions since 1974 and has had solo shows in and around London, and group shows in the Midlands and Cornwall.



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