Isaac Smart's

Come and enjoy our gallery which supports over forty talented designer makers. Open Tuesday – Saturday 11.00 am – 4.00 pm.

Ralph Jandrell

JANDRELL, Ralph 2013 - brambleWe were delighted to learn that the Silk Top Hat Gallery was the first gallery to exhibit Ralph Jandrell’s work when he set up in 1997. ‘My work has evolved over the years since then’, he says, ‘and yet some themes are constant. There have been new designs but all are to do with the form of trees and undergrowth. There have been new techniques but all are developments of applying coloured clay slip to a pot before firing it. My latest design is called “Bramble”. I have always enjoyed the chaotic tangle of undergrowth which at the same time has a certain structure. This design attempts to capture something of this disorderly order, as well as referencing earlier uses of the “briar” in Pre-Raphaelite painting and Arts and Craft design.’ This showcase will be the first time he will be showing this design, and the first time we will have shown his other two new designs, ‘Magnolia’ and ‘River’, and new shapes such as his lidded pots. We will also be featuring some of his earlier designs such as ‘Wildwood’, ‘Pinewood’, ‘Birchwood’, ‘Oak Leaf’, ‘Green Foliage’ and ‘Formal Garden’

His unique range is hand thrown on the wheel and hand decorated. The clays he uses are white or red earthenware and decorated at the leather hard stage. The pattern is built up using stencils, sponging, scratching and brushing. The pots are biscuited then clear glazed. Whilst being decorative objects in their own right his pots are made to be used. His unfussy, practical shapes are created in a smooth, shiny glaze, making them both hygienic and easy to clean. No matter how many times they go in the dishwasher, the beautiful design will not fade because it is actually underneath the glaze. His pots are also safe for microwave use.


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