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Rowan McOnegal

L-rmconegal_13strawberrystainedglassRowan McOnegal was born in Scotland and trained in Fine Art (Painting) at Bath Academy of Art, where she also studied printmaking and photography. She worked as a photographer for many years, setting up Community Darkrooms and teaching in Bristol, as well as establishing a picture library (McOnegal Botanical) of her own photos which she still runs. She has now returned to artistic work, after also qualifying and working as a Medical Herbalist for fifteen years. Her love of plants and interest in botany appear as a constant theme! Her passion for nature as well as art and light have come together in an abiding interest in stained glass, and she was able to start her training at Hereford Art College over fourteen years ago. She now feels this medium perfectly combines her love of image making, using drawing, painting and colour and changing light, and is intrigued by the way a piece of glass can influence and transform the atmosphere of a space. Her influences range from observation of natural forms, textiles (especially batik) and use of pattern, photography, to all kinds of stained glass, painting and many other art forms.

She uses a range of traditional techniques such as leadwork and glass painting, and some more innovative ones such as sandblasting. The glass she likes to use most is hand blown in the West Midlands by English Antique Glass using Swedish sand. She also uses glass from Poland and France. When the glass is blown, frit (ground glass colour consisting of metal oxides such as copper, iron and cobalt, depending on the end colour) is added which creates the unique and varied colours that give the glass its special beauty and lustre.




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