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Tamsin Abbott

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Tamsin Abbott’s stained glass designs are mostly influenced by the Herefordshire countryside around her home, she says, ‘the orchards, the hills, the woods and all the plants, birds and animals that grow and live about.  However, I am also drawn to the world of myths and fairytales that are part of the invisible tapestry that surrounds our rural history.  Both of these are, to me, the magical qualities which connect us with the landscape and our hidden memories of our ancestors.  I try to imbue even the smallest of pieces with a sense of this magic, to do justice both to the subject matter of my work but also to the glass itself which is a material with alchemical qualities and mystery of its own.’  Most of the glass she uses comes from the last remaining manufacturer of mouth-blown sheet glass in the United Kingdom, English Antique Glass.  Here the glass is coloured whilst still molten with globs of glass.  It is then mouth blown into long wide tubes which then have to cool and anneal.  The tubes then have a slit cut out of the length and are later reheated during which process they are carefully flattened out to become sheets of beautifully coloured glass.

It was many years after having become interested in stained glass while studying Medieval Literature at university that Tamsin Abbott began an evening class in the craft at Hereford College of Art and Design.  She soon gained an OCN but continued the course for a total of four years.


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