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Carol Howse

Howse, Carol, 2011

In 1989 Carol Howse and her husband artist Patrick Howse moved to the Shropshire hill country.  An opportunity had arisen to fulfil a long held ambition – obtaining some land in order to plant a small area of woodland.  Plans had to be changed when it was discovered that the area to be planted was a threatened ancient hay meadow, however its conservation and the wildflowers it harbours have become a special interest.

 Carol Howse’s work has been influenced by their move to Shropshire.  Her jewellery has become more involved with surface texture, probably reflecting the views of the landscape of the Stiperstones area, the rough texture of the rocks, bracken and gorse and the softer view of the hay meadows and beyond over the Shropshire plain.  She always draws wherever she goes.  Some more recent designs, the ‘Jazz’ collection, feature hand-dyed polyester.

 She creates a surface texture on silver by using the technique of fusing, punching or engraving; then some areas are left matt and others polished or burnished.  Occasionally red or yellow gold plate highlights are added.  She enjoys using semi-precious stones to add colour to her work.

Carol Howse trained in silversmithing at Loughborough College of Art and has had solo exhibitions at North Staffordshire Polytechnic, Walsall Art Gallery, Argenta Gallery (London), Hanley Museum, The Gateway (Shrewsbury), Ludlow Museum, Leasowes Bank Festival and West Midlands Arts Showcase ’95.  Her work has been collected by Hanley Museum, Graves Gallery (Sheffield), Royal Museum of Scotland (Edinburgh) and Seibu in Japan.


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