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Jocelyn Perry

2011-CHEVRON-BRACELETJocelyn Perry has been a designer maker of beadwork jewellery since 1996. She had no formal training in this field, but did have a clear image of the jewellery she wanted to make. She experimented with a variety of techniques and bead types until she found those which best suited the ‘image’ and from that point, was able to develop her distinctive style, combining traditional skill with a strong design element. Whilst her work has a contemporary ‘feel’, it is clear that she finds inspiration in her love of all things Art Deco, with its clean lines and definitive shapes.

In her work, Jocelyn Perry employs a needle weaving technique, using tiny, glass, cylindrical beads, together with specialist thread and a very fine needle, effectively creating a ‘fabric’ which is both strong and flexible. Texture is achieved through careful choice of bead finish – matt, metallic or transparent and by additional layers in the form of appliqué. The possible colour combinations are infinite, but subtle tonal effects probably typify her work.

She continues to experiment with beadworking techniques and her designs are constantly evolving, but her aim of creating elegant, well finished and unique pieces of jewellery, remains the same. As a member of the Worcestershire Guild of Designer Craftsmen, she regularly exhibits at the Guild’s shows and at other well established craft fairs. Her work can also be seen in several galleries.

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