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Ted Bruce

BRUCE, Ted 014 BlogTed Bruce tells us, ‘I have been designing and making baskets seriously since 1998, about one third of my working life! I was initially self-taught (with three books and centre cane), before moving onto willow and studying, albeit far too briefly, with some of the best basket makers in Britain.

‘I am hugely influenced by the subtle and ever changing colours and hues of the glorious Shropshire countryside in which I have lived and worked for nearly thirty years.I now work mostly with willow which I grow (and weed, harvest, grade, bundle, label and store) so seeing through the complete cycle of producing the raw material and then crafting the basket. I still get a huge “buzz” from working with my hands, a small collection of simple tools and sustainably grown raw materials. I aim to make strong, attractive, functional, aesthetically-pleasing baskets. Whilst I place a strong emphasis on using proven traditional techniques (with a few small variations of my own) my baskets are my own design and usually multi-purpose. My intention is that they should give good and honest service for many years.

‘Although much of my work is made to commission, my standard range includes “dog to log, wastepaper to wet washing, trug to trolley” as well as many others. I have exhibited widely, supplied London shops and have had work in Elle and World of Interiors.’


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