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Alison Dupernex

Dupernex, Alison 2011 - 2

Alison Dupernex’s unique range of knitwear including scarves, jackets, coats and waistcoats in original designs and unusual combinations of colour and texture can regularly be found at Isaac Smart’s.  She tells us, ‘My aim is to make a work of art to wear, with the choice of colour and yarn texture being vital components to gaining this result. I am continually searching out small select quantities of natural yarns from individual merchants in the UK, Italy and Japan. I mix cashmere, linen, cotton and silk in an alchemy of colour and texture to provide a unique experience in every piece.

‘My current range includes fine cosy wraps and scarves, all of which are timeless design classics with a contemporary feel. The scarf collection has been extended to include over thirty-two different designs and colour ways.

‘My inspirations and motivations derive from the colours and textures I see around me in nature. For me there is an endless fascination that can be gained from exploring how different colours react when juxtaposed with others. Shades penetrate other shades to varying degrees and the changing conditions of light when the clothes are worn also greatly affect the way in which the colours are perceived by the viewer. For me the perception of colour and its essence is not only an objective experience but can trigger emotions, memories or other deep-rooted sensations.

‘Recently I have been experimenting by mixing fibres which felt firmly with those which are resistant to felting, to capture the spirit of a place or object and build a sculptural fabric. My work has become more intricate with twenty plus tucked stitches, and several colour changes within each design. This enables the fabric to gain more colour depth and tactile interest for the wearer.’

Alison Dupernex started designing and making knitwear in 1986, stocking shops throughout the U.K.  This soon expanded worldwide to include Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Sweden, Italy and America.  In the mid 1990’s she designed a range of exclusive knitwear for Liberty of London.  Each year she produces several one-off commissions and exhibits in many galleries throughout the U.K.

 She has also published four books: the ‘Beginners Guide to Knitting’ has been featured at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, ‘Start to Knit’ to encourage teenagers to knit funky and fun bags, hats and scarves, ‘Beautiful Knits for Heads, Hands and Toes’ containing a wealth of ideas for timeless hats, gloves, scarves, socks, bags and jewellery and in 2012 ‘The Absolute Beginners Guide to Knitting’.



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