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Margo Selby

SELBY, Margo 2013

Margo Selby produces luxurious and decorative textiles.  Her work is recognizable for its three-dimensional structure, striking colour and geometric pattern.  She produces purses, scarves, ties and cushions in sumptuous colour and texture combinations. 

 Over the last decade Margo she has been developing fabric constructions and textures on handlooms, which are used for luxury textile products and projects.  ‘I derive much satisfaction from the disciplined nature of weaving. Pushing the boundaries of the horizontal and vertical lines as they are on the loom and seeing how to distort these through structure and finishing options is an exciting challenge’.

 She trained at Chelsea College of Art and Design and then followed this with a postgraduate degree at The Royal College of Art (RCA), graduating in 2001. Responding to the overwhelming demand for her fabrics following the RCA degree show Margo began to develop relationships with weaving mills to explore the possibilities of production.  It was during this time that she united her innovative hand-woven structures with industrial machinery to create the first three-dimensional fabrics that were to become the trademark of the Margo Selby brand.

 She launched her first collection in 2003 with the help of a development award from the Crafts Council.  ‘I try to take a bold approach to creating luxurious fabrics.  I use colour in an instinctive and spontaneous way trying to create striking impact whilst retaining harmonious subtlety.’

 Since launching the business, she has rapidly become recognised as a pioneer within contemporary textiles winning numerous craft and design awards. The trademark patterns and textures she creates are now sold in many shops and galleries internationally and the products are fast becoming coveted contemporary classics.

 Margo Selby’s extensive training in woven textiles remains central to all the design developments. The 24-shaft dobby loom at the studio is used to develop fabrics for future production.  Connecting with the materials in a hands on way whilst making on a hand-loom enables a greater understanding of the construction and behaviour of the materials and their impact on the final fabric as they are crafted together in different fibre and construction combinations.

 Many of the fabrics she designs are woven on Jacquard looms which allow graphic imagery and pattern to be woven with articulation. In the development process these patterns are created with a combination of rough sketching and precise drawing with the aid of computer design programmes. The hand-woven structures are then applied to these CAD drawings. Once the development is complete, the fabrics are produced at specialist mills and then made up into a variety of products back in the studio. The small creative team at the studio works hard to ensure that all products are made to the highest quality.


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