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Tammy Child

CHILD, Tammy 2013 - 3

By taking inspiration from natural and tropical forms and with her love of three-dimensional textiles, Tammy Child has created a captivating range of exciting and distinctive fashion accessories. Using sumptuous fabrics of organza and satin, in an array of rich and sensual colours, she has created a stunning collection which emphasises her unique talent and pure wanton desire to generate beauty and elegance.

 Her insistence on high quality and individuality, together with determination has enabled her to gain recognition for her work worldwide and to win prizes such as ‘Gift of the Year’ awarded at the Savoy Hotel in London.

 Tammy Child studied Fashion/Textiles at the University of Central England, Birmingham specialising in embroidery.  Following her graduation in 1999, she was awarded a ‘setting up grant’ from the Prince’s Youth Business Trust and this enabled her to launch her accessory business.




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