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Caitriona Cartwright

CARTWRIGHT, Caitriona, 2012 - 1

‘My work draws on a love of stone, in all its forms and letterforms’ Caitriona Cartwright says, ‘it is inspired by ancient churchyards, rocky mountain outcrops and stone worn smooth by the river Wye.  I carve stone into organic shapes, such as shells and trees, make birdbaths and sundials but am increasingly drawn to stone in its natural form.  I search local quarries for interesting pieces that will take letters, to form standing stones, natural bowls and benches as well as use old slate tiles and pebbles to make smaller pieces.  Finally, I like to think that I carry on tradition and take great pleasure in the hand carving of headstones and nameplates.’

 She carves indigenous stones to make lettered paperweights, standing stones bearing quotations, shells and bowls and likes to apply lettering to most of what she makes.  She uses sandstone such as Forest of Dean and St. Bees, limestone such as Bath stone, Guiting and Portland.  Welsh slate, which is also a favourite, is particularly good for letter cutting as the finest chisel mark shows white against its dark surface.  Having trained at Weymouth College where she gained a City and Guilds in Stonemasonry, she completed a History of Art degree at Manchester University.  She then worked at Salisbury Cathedral on the spire before moving to the Welsh border and setting up her own workshop.



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