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Jemima Jameson

JAMESON, Jemima, June 2012 - 4Jemima Jameson’s decorated boxes are beautiful and functional objects which can house modern paraphernalia.  The caskets and treasure chests make excellent gifts for special celebrations and can be personalised with initials or dates.

The large chest or ‘cassone’ was a prized piece of furniture popular from the late Middle Ages onwards in Italy.  It was presented to the bride as part of her dowry and used to contain her personal goods.  It typically stood at the end of the marriage bed.  Traditionally it was prepared with gesso, then painted and sometimes gilded, and depicted scenes from courtly romance, legends and heraldry.  Jemima Jameson has been inspired to create her own modern interpretation of the cassone, drawing inspiration from her rural surroundings.

She says, ‘I feel compelled to paint and draw every day and my paintings are a celebration of the natural world around me.’  After leaving college, she spent six months in Rome as an au-pair. The frescoes and decorated furniture she saw, as well as the Italian paintings, proved to be a great inspiration which changed her life.  She is particularly influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement, and medieval illuminated manuscripts.  She paints in acrylics on to gessoed panels or wood which is then varnished.  She has found that acrylic is a quick drying and versatile medium which suits her illustrative style.

She was born on a farm in Devon but lived for most of her life in Sussex.  She studied illustration and design at Northbrook College in Horsham.  Returning to England from Rome, a friend suggested she try restoring and then painting furniture which she salvaged from auctions and antique markets.  She really enjoyed this and continued for a few years.  She moved to Shropshire with her husband in 2007 and began painting pieces which could be framed and hung on a wall, and found a whole new wealth of inspiration in the rolling hills, farmland and woods that surround their house.  She is a founder member of the Redlake Valley Artists group and exhibited in their inaugural exhibition in September 2011.


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